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I'm Dave. I'm a pretty cool guy. Brisbane, Australia is the city that I live in, and I wouldn't change that for anything as it is the greatest city in the world! I love Sneakers, Fitted Caps, Basketball, and turtles! I listen to Hip Hop, Dubstep, Hardcore, House, and 80's Glam Rock. Also, I am extremely obsessed with comic books and super heroes. Feel free to ask me anything, I'll answer it if I deem it reasonable. And if you try and add me to Facebook and I don't know you, don't be offended if I deny your friend request.

Anyways, welcome to everything that is ME....!
Slider turtle. I want one.

Slider turtle. I want one.

9 03.23.11
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    I got four of these the other day🐢
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    Looks like my lily.
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